Walkthroughs: Yay or Nay?

Hello, everyone! Today we’d like to throw an interesting question at you all — what do you think of video game walkthroughs? I tend not to use them much, not unless I’m truly stuck on a level or something equivalent to that. I’m definitely more of an explorer when it comes to video games, and figuring out what needs to be done next on my own is definitely part of that experience.

Meanwhile, I collect game guides. I try not to use them too often, especially if it’s my first time playing the game. I don’t want to spoil things for myself. Yet I still need the guide to find all those extra things in the game and have some help here and there if I get really stuck.

Some would say using a walkthrough is cheating. However, with how quickly walkthroughs, hacks, and spoilers appear on the Internet for games, I’m not sure if I entirely agree. It does take out the element of surprise from the games if the guides are used, but the surprise may already be gone if you’re an avid Internet browser.

Using a walkthrough is a choice. I don’t think it necessarily cheating. It’s there to help and give you hints and tricks on hidden gems in the game. Seriously, if I didn’t know the levels of the gym leaders in Pokemon, my whole team would suffer.

With that, though, you can lose the sense of challenge with the use of a guide. I think we had a happy medium going when we were using guides to find the Wonder Wools for Yoshi’s Woolly World to collect the Yoshis at the end of each stage. While we beat the levels ourselves, if we missed a Wonder Wool, we looked it up before diving back into the level so we wouldn’t miss it again.

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There’s no point in playing a video game if there is no challenge to it. However, I love having the walkthrough there by my side just in case.

What about you? Do you like using walkthroughs?

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  1. I wouldn’t particularly use it as a straight guide, but definitely would have a look if I am stuck. I wouldn’t want to abandon a game just because I’d get stuck in some silly part (it happened yea 😀

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