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Double Jump Kris MiiMonday again, huh? What happened to the weekend and all that time to play video games? Nevertheless, I hope everyone had a lovely start of the new week!
Has everyone heard that Breath of the Wild may be delayed again? My only consolation to this news is that I’m sure Nintendo just wants to make the best possible game they can…
That and there’s plenty of other games that I can play in the meantime. I’m itching for a new Zelda game, of course, always am. Yet, I realized fairly recently that I haven’t really played too many new games this year. While Rachel and I are currently working on Professor Layton and the Curious Village, I spent much of this year replaying old favorites, like Super Mario 64, Twilight Princess, and Mario Party 2.
While it’s always great replaying games, having that enjoyable reminder as to why I play games in the first place, there are so many other games out there that I have yet to try. (Oh, Blockbuster, how my wallet and I miss you! Anyone else remember that place? Or am I showing my age?)
This blog is fantastic for finding new games, and I’m busy devising a list of games to try out, such as Mass Effect from Kairos5 and Danganronpa from Mr. Panda. I was curious if there were any other games for people to throw Rachel’s and my way? We have all of the Nintendo consoles, along with a PlayStation 3 that we admittedly don’t use as often as we should. PC games are also cool.
Or, hey, if there’s any oldie but goody games that you’ve been playing again recently, feel free to share those too!

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  1. I had an ok weekend. Not much happening… just hanging at home, watching movies, you know? Weekend-y stuff. I went out to dinner with a few pals plus my parents. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the shoutout! I hope you can continue to hear about great games! I know my recommendation for Danganronpa is already in there, but I also recommend the Zero Escape series. I reviewed the most recent one, Zero Time Dilemma, and it’s a series that has rivaled Ace Attorney for great story. There are also escape puzzles, similar to escape-the-room challenges nowadays and old Flash games back in the day. The first game in the series, 999, is on DS, but it got a recent remake on mobile. I wouldn’t recommend the mobile version though because it took away the puzzles, which is like half of the game. It and its sequel, Virtue’s Last Reward, are getting remastered in the future too!

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