What Should I Play Next?

Rachel Mii Double JumpHappy Thursday! The weekend is around the corner.
You can never have too many video games, but it’s possible not to have enough.
Have you ever looked at your stack of games and thought, “This is all I have…?”

You walk into the kitchen, scouring the fridge, opening and closing all the cabinets, until you’ve finally searched through the entire room where food would be hiding.

Then you walk into the next room where your Mom is peacefully reading a book and you interrupt her and say, “Mom, I’m hungry. We have no food.”

It doesn’t matter if you can’t fit anything else into the fridge. It doesn’t matter if the cabinet is so full that bags of chips fall out when you open its doors. If you’re not in the mood to eat what you have, then there must be “no food.”

I find video games to act in the same way.

More often than not, Kris and I will decide to play a game together. But there are questions we must ask ourselves first:

1. Should Kris play a one-player game and I watch?
2. Should I play a one-player game and she watches?
3. Should we a one-player game together and just switch the controller back and forth?
4. Should we play a two-player game and actually play together?

Once we have that figured out (which can take a while to decide itself) we take a look at the video games we currently possess.

We have a good amount of games, but we don’t have every single game that’s out.

We look through all the games and our conversation usually goes like this:

“Wanna play this?”
“How about this?”
“Oh, we haven’t played this in a while!”

It’s a problem.

Finally, one of us will eventually cave and say, “Want to go to GameStop?” We will. We’ll make an impulse purchase, and then go home and play the new game.

Sometimes you just have to be in the mood for that one specific game.

How do you decide which game to play next?

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