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If you’ve been reading our blog for a while now then you know we’re no strangers to RPG games. We enjoy playing RPGs a lot. I could go on about all the different things we like about RPGs – hey, maybe that’ll be another blog post in the future – but we were talking the other day and wondered what class we would fit into if we were in a RPG game. Kris, what class would you choose for yourself and why?

The thieves or rogue-like classes were always one of my favorites. They tended to be the speedier characters and weren’t strangers to using tricky moves, like using poison with their blades. Granted, in real life I’m not as graceful or sneaky as a rogue character should be. Considering I’m not bad at holding my own, a warrior may be a better class for me if I were to join an RPG with how I am now. What about you, Rachel? If you could be any class, what would it be, and do you think it reflects who you are in real life?

I know you love the thieves and rogues. They are great characters and they’re some of my favorites as well. I was going to say, I think a warrior would fit you better if you had a choose a class based on your personality and such. If I could be in any class I want, I would love to be a mage. I’m not entirely sure why, but I’ve always been drawn to the magic, the majestic staff, and fancy robes. I’d love to have the ability to cast fire spells and the like. I’m not sure if this would reflect me in real life though. If I were to be a mage, I feel as though I’d be a clumsy one at that.

I can see your love of fire making you a pretty good mage, even if you set a bush or two on fire, haha! Joking aside, you have the aptitude and focus to be able to teach yourself some powerful magic, in my opinion. Yet, I also think you would be great as some sort of treasure hunter, something like a merchant class from Octopath Traveler. You always did enjoy collecting money, tokens, or whatever shiny things games have to offer. If I were to learn some type of magic, I would love lightning powers or something with the sky and space. The raw power of storms fascinates me.

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That’s all pretty true. Maybe I would make a pretty good mage! You do bring up a good point about being a merchant though. I do love collecting things and have a keen eye for spotting pennies on the ground! That would certainly be an interesting class to try out. You would definitely do well with those kinds of powers, but I can also see you being a healer or some sort of cleric. I think you break the personality stereotype that class typically has, but I can imagine you getting into the science behind the herbs and being smart enough to heal others.

Being a healer would be an interesting twist for me, although I do believe I’d get annoyed easily at my supposed patients. Still, the compliments are nice and I have enough bedside manner practice with my customer service jobs, so thank you! Another class that I’d be interested in would be a ranger class, something that has bows and arrows and probably an affinity with animals. I definitely prefer working with animals than people at times! As for another class for you, I would say a bard or dancer. A good support class with some magic that would go hand-in-hand with your energy and luck!

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I was going to say ranger or hunter next. You definitely would need an animal sidekick by your side no matter what class you’d be. Then again, we should all have animal sidekicks! I didn’t think of a bard or dancer for myself. I would certainly love that. I enjoy the flowing movements and it’d be more magic.

It’s a little funny how, when it comes to RPG classes, you tend to go toward the more magic inclined classes while I opt for the physically attacking classes. We each have a few support classes that we may be suited for, too. Either way, it seems as if we continue to be complimentary when it comes to our gaming styles!

Which class would you choose for yourself? Let us know in the comments below and if you enjoyed this post, please share it around.

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  1. I actually did a post on this a little while back! (Shameless plug: https://brinkofgaming.wordpress.com/2018/08/07/choosing-from-the-ol-trifecta/)
    I would say that I myself tend to opt for warrior types. I like the directness of their combat. It’s more exciting and feels like a very “honorable” way to fight. I like thieves and mages too: it really just depends on the game! Dragon Age is a good example of a series that can do justice to all three archetypes.

  2. I see myself in a warrior class or a fighter class. I took martial arts classes throughout my younger years. And I’m definitely not afraid to get down and dirty if the situation calls for it. While I didn’t train with weapons in my classes, I see myself holding my own with a blade.

  3. I like the physical attackers. I dislike mages… MP runs out and sometimes enemies have immunities to elemental magic.
    Think Drachma from Skies of Arcadia, Mareg from Grandia II, maybe Steiner from FFIX.

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