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Constant in the Legend of Zelda series are the main characters, namely Link and Zelda. Yet, almost every game has a different reincarnation of the two heroes, from scrappy kids to brave adults to teenagers who were just kind of thrown into the whole saving the world business. Even though Link is almost universally mute and is the player’s avatar, he does bring quite a bit of personality to the games. So, Rachel, if you had to be reincarnated into any Link, which would it be? Which version of Link do you believe best suits or matches you?

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Honestly, I thought this would be a hard question. When presented with it though, my first instinct was to say the Hero of Winds, Link from Wind Waker. I don’t know if it’s because he has a cartoon-look about him or that he’s another child form of Link. Or maybe it’s because he lives on an island and hey, who really wants to be around so many people? The ambiance of the ocean waves is peaceful and relaxing (with the exception of the occasional monster here and there). With that said, before we go into deeper discussion about this, which Link would you be, Kris?

I can see you exploring the sea with (or as) Link from Wind Waker. He’s a good sibling, adorable, and always expressive. While I would not be one for sailing at all, I can get behind the idea of not living too close to people on an island, haha! As for me, my first instinct is Link from Twilight Princess. Aside from the wolf tendencies, I would be down to having a horse and helping out on a farm with goats and other animals. Living in a small village and having the neighbors be close enough to be family is appealing, but the rest of the world is right outside of the borders should you wish to explore. And, seriously, you can pick up the dogs and cats! That is totally me!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Yes, I can see you being Link from Twilight Princess. I agree, it would be awesome to live on a farm, own a horse, and be able to pick up the dogs and cats! Twilight Princess Link would not be me at all because, while I wouldn’t mind being a wolf, I don’t do well in the dark. Out of curiosity, which Link did you think I’d pick? Or, which Link do you see me as?

Link from Wind Waker was right up there on my list for you, as I thought more of younger versions of Link for you. I’m not sure if that’s mainly due to you being my younger sister or because most of them seem to have more excitable personalities. As previously mentioned, Link from Wind Waker is very expressive and the Links from Four Swords Adventures have always seemed a bit chaotic. What about me? Were you surprised by my choice?

Ah, that’s fair. I actually thought of the Link(s) from Four Swords Adventures. I wasn’t necessarily surprised by your choice, no. I had a feeling the Twilight Princess Link was up there for you. However, I’ll admit, my first thought for you was Breath of the Wild Link. You seemed to enjoy the open spaces and you were easily distracted by all the various side quests, different horses to obtain, and… well, staring at the dogs. Because of the exploration, weapon durability, changing horses, and the like, I always felt like Breath of the Wild Link flies by the seat of his pants. That makes me think of you.

I’m going to take that as a compliment, thank you! Breath of the Wild Link is one of my favorite incarnations, I’ll admit, but I never thought of him in the ways that you have described. He’s a bit more on the impulsive, spontaneous side, just going with the flow mainly because he has no choice, but I never thought to connect him to myself that way.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
You’re welcome. I think there’s a little Link in all of us in some form or another. It’s fun to think about!

Which Link would you be? Let us know about them in the comments below! If you like this post, please share it around.

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