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Fairly recently, we did a post titled, “Which Link Are You?” speculating which of the many versions of Link there are in the games would best represent ourselves. This post has a similar question, but uses a vastly different character as the star. Like Link, there are many versions of the princess — or queen — Zelda throughout the franchise’s multiple timelines, each with their own personality as well. Zelda can be a bit trickier, admittedly, considering she generally plays a more supporting or passive role in the games, but there are still plenty of moments where her personality shines in said games. Rachel, if you were one of the versions of Princess Zelda, who do you think you’d be?

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Easy. I would be Zelda from Skyward Sword. Like the question with Link, I don’t know exactly why I would choose this particular Zelda, but it was the first one that came to mind. Zelda from Skyward Sword has a bubbly personality. She has plenty of lines, especially in the beginning, isn’t afraid to stand up for herself or her friends (here’s looking at you, Groose. Just kidding, I love you.), and she really looks out for her family and the world she lives in. She goes into adventure, not knowing what’s going on, and even seals herself away knowing it’s the right thing to do. Which Zelda would you choose?

A bubbly personality, and a bit of a troll when it comes to shoving Link off of the Goddess Tower… that’s you! I can see all that in you and I think you’ve chosen well. As for me… My first instinct was Zelda from Ocarina of Time. Even as a child, she didn’t hesitate to follow her instincts and has a fierce protectiveness of her world. She wasn’t the type of woman to wait for a hero, either. While Link sleeps, she is forced to disguise herself for her safety, but she continued to help those in their world as Ganondorf took over, and became a crucial ally to Link as Sheik. I admire that strength and hope I’d be that brave as well.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I can see that too. You wouldn’t be the type to sit around and wait for something to happen. You would disguise yourself and do anything you could to help without screwing things up further just by showing your true self. As I asked in our Link post, which Zelda do you see me as being most like? Which one did you think I’d pick?

I’ll admit, I kind of forgot about Skyward Sword’s Princess Zelda but she fits. Judging only from what I’ve seen in Smash Bros. Ultimate, you do remind me of the Zelda from A Link Between Worlds. She’s adorable but powerful. Tetra probably wouldn’t be a bad fit, either, being a pirate captain sailing the seas and keeping order on a ship! Is there another Zelda you would pick for me?

I honestly didn’t think of Tetra. I do agree that the Zelda from A Link Between Worlds is adorable. She reminds me of the Zelda from Skyward Sword though. I think they mostly look alike to me. As for you, I thought of Breath of the Wild Zelda. Maybe it’s because this game is the most fresh in my mind, but Zelda in that game truly embraces the world around her and does her absolute best to fight for what she believes in. She fights for her friends, her family, and her kingdom. Plus, she doesn’t feel like she needs a “knight” by her side. She’s also snarky to Link and her father and can be defiant and stubborn… you.

I’m going to try to take that as a compliment, haha! In all seriousness, I’m down with that. Trying to find her power throughout the memories and before Link’s awakening — pun intended — resonates with me trying to figure out my own power, if you will, in life. Like that Zelda, I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to do and how I’m going to achieve those goals, but I also enjoy all the research that may come with life. That part of her reminded me of you, too! Especially when she tries to get Link to eat a frog. That conversation totally could have been me and you.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Oh, yeah! The frog memory sticks out in my mind. I would totally try to get you to eat a frog… or something ridiculous. (I’d feel too bad for the frog.) I think Zelda has a lot to offer in all her various forms and we can find a little piece of each one inside of us.

Which Zelda would you be? Let us know about them in the comments below! If you like this post, please share it around.

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