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Nintendo is kicking off the decade with a lot of big news. First the Pokemon Direct and now they’re announcing a new Smash Ultimate DLC fighter.
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Nintendo has announced there will be a 35-minute live stream announcing the new DLC fighter in Smash Ultimate and showing off whoever it is.
People on Twitter are super hyped for this announcement. Aside from memes and general excitement, there are three characters people seem to want for Smash Ultimate: Sora from Kingdom Hearts, Shantae, and Phoenix Wright.
Me? I would personally love to see Phoenix Wright. He’s been in a fighting game before and despite that, I don’t know if he would truly “fit” into a fighting game. I still think it would be awesome to see him in a new element though. He and Professor Layton – we all know he can fight from his crossover game with Phoenix.
People are also speculating it might have something to do with Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This is solely based on the fact that Sakurai is holding three fingers and there are three question marks. I don’t know if that means anything at all. For the original five fighters, they said all the DLC characters were from games never to appear in Smash before. I don’t know if that rule still applies. So, this new fighter may not be from Fire Emblem.
I have to admit, I don’t know which fighter I’m hoping for. I just hope it’s a character from a game I’ve played. Either way, I’m excited to see what they have in store for Smash fans.

Which fighter are you hoping for? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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Readers Comments (2)

  1. I really hope to be Shantae!

  2. If they keep on going the third-party way, I will take Shantae, even if Hollow Knight would be my preferred choice. If first-party characters are included, then it’s Dixie Kong all the way.

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