Why I Rarely Trade Pokemon

Rachel Mii Double JumpHappy Thursday and February!
I found out through Miketendo64 that there’s another Global Mission for Pokemon Sun and Moon. It’s a trading mission and for some reason that got me thinking about something that I thought I would share here.
Apparently this mission is for us to trade Pokemon through the Global Trading System (GTS). I have used the GTS in the past, though not often. I have only really used it if there are certain Pokemon you get only through trade or they were version exclusive and I hadn’t gotten that far on the other game yet.
However, I rarely trade Pokemon. I trade with Kris as we try to help each other out with our Pokedexes, but even then I create duplicates of all my Pokemon. It’s not enough for me to have the Pokedex said I had seen the Pokemon and caught it at one point. I need to have the actual Pokemon in my party or PC.
I feel bad giving away my Pokemon. That’s the main reason I don’t trade. I know they’re virtual, but Pokemon have feelings too. When I send one of them away, I feel like I’m getting rid of it and it makes me sad.
It sounds ridiculous, I know. But, there is a theory out there that makes me feel bad about trading Pokemon.
I tried really hard to find the reason on the Internet because it came from Nintendo themselves, but I couldn’t find the source.
According to Nintendo, some Pokemon evolve when trading because they believe their previous trainer didn’t want them anymore. So they evolve to seem stronger and try to please their trainer. And to me, that’s sad.
So, I try to keep all of my Pokemon if I can. If I have to trade, I breed or catch more.
Yes, I’m crazy. No, I don’t care.

What about you? Do you casually trade Pokemon or do you overthink things like me? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I casually trade my Pokemon, but I will go ahead and admit I feel a bit sad to see them go, especially if it is a guy (or gal) with whom I fought many battles. =P

  2. I barely use the GTS either. What has baffled me is what people ask for in return for their Pokemon. I saw one starter Pokemon on there a few years back and the person was asking for an event Pokemon. I was like good luck mate.

    • Oh, yeah, I didn’t even touch upon how people abuse the system. Most people just search for legendary Pokemon on there and stuff.
      I was babysitting one time and the kid, he was probably 8- or 9- at the time, he got excited because someone was asking for a Dialga in exchange for a shiny one. He wanted the shiny so he traded it and the person had hacked the game. So he traded his Dialga away and got a Bidoof or something like that. It was a hard lesson for him and quite a few hours of crying…

  3. I get how you feel! I don’t like trading Pokemon either, at least if they’re on my team or ones that I’ve raised. I also never trade my legendaries away. I do trade newly caught Pokemon away that I usually catch specifically for trading. I also wonder trade any Pokemon that I’ve bred that I don’t use, and I tend to get hundreds of them because I need to breed so many to get the right competitive one! They fill up my boxes, and it’s just so much fun to give a Pokemon that others may find use for and get a random fun one in return!

    • I do the same thing. Legendary Pokemon are mine, my team is mine, etc. I only trade Pokemon I catch specifically to trade. The Wonder Trade was just a gift from above. I love that thing.

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