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I’ve been doing mobile reviews on this blog for about a year now and I decided to do something a little different this month. I went onto the app store on my iPad and looked up winter-themed games. I only picked out four to play this time, but I’m sure I’ll have more posts like this in the future. Here are the mini-reviews of these four games in the order that I played them.
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Unfortunately for me, this was the first game I played and it was the best game out of all the winter games I tried. At least, I had the most fun with this one.
I’m sure you may be familiar with the .io games in which you play online with a bunch of other people competing to come in the first place. This is often having your character become the “biggest” in terms of eating objects on the board or even trapping your opponents. is similar.
You’re in a snowball fight with eight other people on a small map. This map being snow-covered ice in the middle of the ocean that will slowly sink causing the map to grow smaller.
Wait. Did I just stumble on a battle royale mobile game?
Anyway, you glide your finger across the screen to move your character (which is a snowplow-like vehicle) and it’ll automatically make a snowball. The more you move, the bigger the snowball gets. The bigger the snowball… well, bye-bye to your opponents. That is if you can aim.
I wasn’t great at aiming so I tended to get up close and personal with them, bashing my large snowball into them by walking into them. Otherwise, if you want to shoot your snowball from afar, you just need to lift your finger from the screen and your character will let go.
It’s saying a lot that I had the most fun with this game out of all the four I played. This game was extremely easy and got monotonous after a while. The matches never lasted long (most likely because you’re only up against eight other people) and once you were out of the match, you had the opportunity to watch an ad to come back. I didn’t think that was fair. Once you’re out, you’re out. Of course, if you got out a second time, it brought you back to the main menu. So, at least you can’t watch ad after ad to get into first place.
Also, there was no music. No sound effects. Nothing. Silence. I thought the sound on my iPad was broken at first (it is almost 5-years-old, after all) but it turns out there’s just no sound at all to the game. You’re playing a snowball fight in an empty void. gets a rating of…

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Clean Road

What am I supposed to say about this one…? Clean Road is a simple game where you glide your finger across the screen to control the plow truck. The road is covered with deep snow and there are cars trapped in their driveway. You need to create a path on the road, making sure you reach every driveway and let them out.
I mean, I don’t know about the rest of you, but whenever a plow drives by my driveway, it piles more snow at the end of it blocking me in. It doesn’t clear it away so I can get out. It just means more shoveling for me. But, I guess it’s a mobile game so I’ll let the physics slide…
Also, why do I need to let these people out of their driveways? If there’s this much snow, they should all stay home and let the plows do their job. Instead, I let them out of their driveways and they immediately follow me to the end of the road (which has no snow on it, by the way. Mother Nature only likes to screw over certain areas).
This game makes no sense.
But whatever. Once you reach the end of the road, the level is over and yay! You get to go onto the next level.
I’d like to say each level gets harder than the previous one. There will be objects in the road you need to avoid and yes, once in a while a giant snowball will come out of nowhere and roll across the street. Giant icicles will also fall from the sky. For the most part, though, it’s too easy making the game pretty boring.
Difficulty aside, this game was weird. Level one – snow. Level two – snow. Level three…
You’re a tractor instead of a snowplow. The road is covered in tall grass, not snow. The driveways are blocked by barrels of hay. Giant carrots fall from the sky. What is this game?!
Level four? Back to snow.
Why? I. Don’t. Understand.
Oh, but in level four we are back to snow, yes, and icicles fall from the sky but so do the giant carrots.
And this, my friends, is when I stopped playing the game. I have no idea if got weirder or not and I’m afraid I shall never know.

Clean Road gets a rating of…

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Penguin Isle

This game is cute. I honestly thought I enjoyed this game more than but… I quickly realized there’s nothing to do in Penguin Isle.
You start off on a small iceberg in the middle of the ocean. For the tutorial, you get some things for free to start. However, there’s in-game coins and hearts that you to need to buy everything else. There are different habitats you can get for your small iceberg that will expand the isle. For example, fishermen or gardener or a hot springs. Why these particular things? I don’t know. Anyway, once you get those habitats, they’ll make money.
You can buy penguins as well and they’ll give you hearts depending on how happy they are. Happiness is measured by how many habitats you have and how many other penguins you have. The coins buy more penguins and more habitats while the hearts upgrade habitats.
And… that’s it. Most games like this use real-time, as does Penguin Isle, but the more habitats you build, the more money they earn – which is also true for this game. However, those times increase from one minute to a few hours. Penguin Isle’s habitats increase in time as well. But only by seconds.
The habitats make so much money within ten seconds or so and you can use hearts for their first upgrade so that they collect the money on their own. Which was nice, since I didn’t want to collect money from the habitats every five, seven, or ten seconds.
The habitats earn a lot of money and they’ll earn even more with every upgrade. This makes everything else so expensive so… like most money-making real-time based games, you’re doing a lot of waiting.
However, most games have mini-games or some sort of interaction with the characters. Or you can rearrange your space, add decorations, and more. Penguin Isle doesn’t have any of that.
You’re watching them collect money and hearts on their own and waiting for the cash flow to build up so you can create the next thing. Rinse, repeat.
The penguins were cute, yes, and the music was soothing. After a while, though, it’s not worth your time.

Penguin Isle gets a rating of…

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Cubes Craft Winter

This is totally not a Minecraft knock-off, okay, guys? Nope. Not at all.
This game does not have blocky areas for you to explore and craft with various blocks that are made out of different materials.
Cubes Craft Winter is completely different because it’s all winter-themed. That’s right. Take that, Minecraft!
…That’s really all I have to say about this game. I played it for all of maybe two minutes before I exited out of it. The controls were horrendous. Want to play a game like this?
Go play Minecraft.

Cubes Craft Winter gets a rating of…

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There were a lot of winter-themed games in the app store and yet, it was slim pickings. I chose these four games because the looked the most appealing and… well, they looked good if we’re going to judge a book by its cover. Plus, there were so many Santa Countdown games. That should be its own category.
I’m sure I’ll do mini-reviews again at some point. I may even do winter games again next year. Someone is bound to come up with something brilliant within the next year… right?

Have you played any of these games? Let me know in the comments below! If you like this post, please share it around.

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