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It’s been a little while since Kris and I have done a Would You Rather game so we decided to play another one. This time we’re going to focus on the Nintendo Switch!
Kris, would you rather play only games developed by Nintendo or only indie games on the console?

Sure, start off with a hard one! I’m going to say indie games. We’ve played so many fantastic indie games on the console so far, and the main Nintendo games that I really love on the console — Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe — have been ports or are also available on other consoles. Would you rather play the Switch only in handheld mode or only docked to the television?

Hm, touche. I didn’t think about that. I’d rather play it docked on the TV. I love handhelds, but I enjoy the 3DS XL size. The Switch screen is too big for me to toss into my bag and go without worrying it’ll scratch or break. Plus, the bigger the screen, the better.
Would you rather buy every single physical game or only be allowed digital downloads with no extra SD card?

Haha, didn’t we have a similar post about this? I’d probably rather get the physical games. I find most of the cover art for games nice, even if we don’t have much room to keep them all for long. Would you rather play games with a singular Joy-Con held horizontal or always use both, with one Joy-Con in each hand?

Rachel Mii Double Jump
We did, but I threw it in the single SD card to throw you off.
Hm… I think I would go with the single Joy-Con. It really depends on the game, but I’m used to having one controller in both hands instead of trying to think of two controllers in two hands.
Would you rather only have multiplayer games but have to play alone or only have single player games and have to split the Joy-Con?

Probably single player games and split the Joy-Con, or pass it back and forth. Single player games tend to have better story lines, in my opinion, and the stories and characters of the games are my favorite parts. Would you rather be able to collect all the different colors of the Joy-Con or save your money for games while keeping your original pair?

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Oh, why’d you have to ask me that…? You know I love collecting things. Hm… I’d say get all the colors and then have you buy the games. That sounds good to me! Now let’s end this because I’ve run out of questions and I know you’re going to say something about my loophole!

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  1. Okay, I accept your challenge. Let’s see here…
    1. As much as I do enjoy Nindie titles, most of my time is playing Nintendo’s own games. They offer so much more gameplay, and well, Zelda. Enough said.
    2. I have always been a console gamer but the Switch has made a convert out of me. I play it almost 90 percent in Handheld mode and the fact I can take home console quality games with me wherever I go is a bonus.
    3. I have always enjoyed collecting physical carts over digital downloads because I like having a physical representation to look at on my shelf.
    4. I would prefer to hold 2 Joy-cons as opposed to a single Joy-con horizontally. I have big hands and for long play sessions with a single Joy-con, I get terrible cramps. I even have mini grips so I can play with the Joy-con easier.
    5. I enjoy multiplayer but I do play a lot of single player games. I would prefer to pass the controller back and forth with games like Mario Odyssey and Zelda BOTW as opposed to playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Super Bomberman R on my own for eternity.
    6. My obsessive compulsion to collect all Joy-Cons is kept at bay by the fact I would rather spend the money on more games. I have the Grey-/+ and the Pink and Green Joy-Cons but I can’t justify paying nearly $70-80 for two half controllers. That said, I did pay just under $60 for the Pro controller.
    Finally, I would like to ask you both a question. Would you rather the switch had features like the 3DS (themes, spotpass, changeable icons) or do you think it should stay the way it is?

    • I applaud you for your answers. The Joy-Con is the perfect size for me, actually. I always had trouble with games that used a ton of buttons because I couldn’t press them all and switch easily. I don’t know if my hands are too small or my fingers are too short or what. I especially had trouble with the Nintendo 64 controllers. When I first picked up the Joy-Con it was so comfortable and easy for me.
      You know this is a tough one. I like the Switch just as it is, but honestly, since it’s portable I wouldn’t mind having the 3DS features. I enjoy Spot/Streetpass and I absolutely love the themes. I wouldn’t mind having the mini-games like the puzzles on the Switch.

      • I can understand why some people may not want the Switch to have features like the 3DS because it is what give the 3DS the unique edge it has over the Switch. However the Switch has had themes available from the beginning, it would just be nice for Nintendo to extend on just white and black, seeing that the switch has a lot of customizable accessories to make each one unique. I feel like Nintendo should expand more on customization

  2. Let’s see…
    I have so many other options for playing independent games and the reason I even have a Switch is because of Nintendo’s own titles, I have to go with Nintendo’s output.
    I’d rather play it docked. Most of my gameplay time is spent on my couch and while I can and do play handheld games, my television gets the biggest workout. Also, I didn’t enjoy Zelda in handheld mode and mostly prefer quick play sessions when I’m using it as a handheld so games like MK8 are great but Zelda and Mario give me some strain.
    Physical games. While I love digital games on other platforms, I rarely have to worry about hard drive space anymore but on the Switch it is a different story.
    I don’t really like the Joy Con’s detached from the Switch and I really don’t like it turned on its side so I guess I’d go detached, I have plenty of experience playing with Wii Remote and Nunchuck so it’s not that different (I didn’t really like the Remote/Chuck set up either though).
    Multiplayer games by myself, that doesn’t sound fun…. I’d need examples. But also, I prefer single player games with my Nintendo devices… they don’t often do multiplayer great.
    I want the games. I prefer the boring grey joycons anyway. 🙂

    • Lol, all great answers! I mean, for your last answer, the games are certainly cheaper than the Joy-Con as well so I can’t blame you on that one. I’ll agree about the gray color though. It matches the console so well.

  3. Ok I’ll get in on this!
    1. I would rather play games developed by Nintendo on the Switch because even though some of the games coming out on the Switch are ports you got to understand not everyone had a Wii U.
    2. I would rather play the Switch docked on my TV. I’m just old school like that and I’ve always been more of a console guy than a handheld guy.
    3. I know we are getting into the digital age but I just love the thrill of going to the store and buying a physical copy of a game. Whether new or used. And if it sucks you can always take it back.
    4. I would rather have 2 joy cons in each hand rather than hold one horizontally. I hardly ever use the joy cons to tell you the truth. I got big hands so I had to get the Switch Pro Controller. They need to make the buttons on that thing bigger.
    5. Oh this is a tough one! I’ll take my chances with playing a multiplayer game alone. LOL!
    6. I’m not a big fan of the joy-cons so I’ll use that money towards games. Hopefully the joy-cons I have can last a long time. LOL!
    Question for you guys! Do you share a Switch or do you both got your own?

    • Lol, all great answers! Thanks for playing along. You brought up a good point about being able to re-sell the physical games. While it’s usually not for much, every little bit helps.
      We share a Switch. Though we each have our own account with our own friend codes. Of course, we always play under Kris’s account so I have no friends or any games logged on there, but it works. Someday I’d like to get my own Switch, but it was cheaper this way and honestly, at this point, Kris has all the games on her Switch so I’d have to start from scratch, lol.

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