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We’re having a blast playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and we thought it was time for another round of “Would You Rather?” this time based on the popular Nintendo Switch game. Might as well dive right in. Rachel, would you rather always have to play heavy characters with a strong punch or quick, lighter-hitting characters?

Honestly, I think I might prefer the heavy characters. I’ve actually gotten pretty good at them even though I adore my Zelda and Young Link. Kris, would you rather every mode be only single player or every mode be only multiplayer?

Oh, that’s kind of a tough one. Considering the nature of Smash Bros., I’d go with every mode be multiplayer. While I tend to prefer single player games, Smash Bros. is made in mind with playing with others. What kind of adventure mode would you rather have, one with platform-like levels such as the Subspace from Brawl or a series of challenging battles like World of Light on Ultimate?

Hmm… I think I would prefer the way World of Light is. I enjoy the various battles even though I loved Subspace, but having the multiple battles is Smash to me. Would you rather only have the Adventure mode in Smash Ultimate (you know, have it be more of a story-based game) or get rid of the Adventure mode all together and have it be a sole fighting game.

World of Light definitely reminds me of the Event mode from Melee with the battles, haha! On that note, I think I would rather have the game be a fighting game rather than be a story-based game. I prefer story-driven games to fighting games, but I can’t imagine Smash Bros. being a story-driven series. Would you rather the game’s fighters be filled with Miis pretending to be Nintendo’s best characters or have the game’s roster be overwhelmingly filled with characters from one single franchise, such as more Fire Emblem or Legend of Zelda characters?

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Considering that the point of Smash is to have many characters from multiple series, I think I’d rather see the Miis. I think they’d be cute too. Would you rather be locked into playing as one single character every time you play or forced to choose a different character each time you play?

Ugh, you know I have my favorites… I think I’d rather be forced to choose a different character each time I play. I didn’t mind it during the Smackdown mode and, with the limited number of characters despite how large the roster is, I’d eventually get to play as my favorites every once in a while. What answers would all of you have to these questions?

What are your answers to these questions? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I don’t have Ultimate yet and won’t until some time next year. My favorite characters are usually from Fire Emblem. I also like the Pokemon trainer, Greninja, Jigglypuff, and I can’t wait to try Joker from Persona. That’s actually why I’m waiting. That and Soul Calibur Vi is keeping me plenty busy :).
    The answer to some of your questions are
    I would prefer every mode be multiplayer so I can play with my wife
    I don’t want to be locked into a single character every time I play. i like to choose mine
    I can’t comment on World of Light because I don’t own the game.

    • Joker seems like he’s going to be a good character, I agree. There’s so much to do in Smash though that it’s been keeping us pretty busy until the new characters come! I hope you enjoy the game when you get it.
      Good answers. I can’t imagine Smash not being multiplayer. The game would be so different otherwise.

      • I’m sure I will enjoy it. I’m just not ready to play another fighting game outside of Soul Calibur VI right now. That and the last few Switch releases have burned me so I’m kind of staying away from it for now.
        If there was ever a Smash game without multiplayer that would be the one I don’t buy :).

  2. I have no preference when it comes to light or heavy characters, but I guess I lean towards the lighter ones, with K. Rool being a major exception given he is a lot of fun to play as. Wario could be another exception, but in my mind his Smash version is too speedy to make him a true heavy-weight.
    Mostly, I play games alone. It’s rare for my friends and I to plan a night of gaming. None of them are avid gamers, so we end up doing other things, so I would go for a single-player experience, even if I know a big part of the value of Smash lies in multiplayer.
    Subspace Emissary is cool because of the cutscenes, but its platforming gameplay does not go together really well with the Smash Bros. controls and physics, so I prefer World of Light, as it focuses on fighting.
    However, when it comes to choosing between having only an Adventure mode or not having one, I would take the latter. The Smash mode is where the true fun is as far as I am concerned.
    Having a roster filled up with Miis or solely with characters from one franchise are both very bad options, I would say. So that’s a tough one! But I would go with the second one. At least they would be Nintendo characters.
    Finally, I would take having to choose a different character every time I play the game. As that’s pretty much what I do already. To me, the fun in Smash Bros is being able to play and learning with as many characters as possible.

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