WTF Friday: Nintendo November 2018 Direct

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Friday everyone!
Is this a new post category? I dunno. Definitely have a lot of thoughts on the latest Nintendo Direct, many of which I’m not sure how to feel either way. Hence the general, “Wtf” feeling.
So, there was a Nintendo Direct yesterday focused on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the last one before the game is finally released. I had to wait until I got home after work to see the direct, but Rachel did tell me the gist of it during my lunch break.
Honestly, while I wish I could watch the directs live with my sister instead of being at my day job, I am always highly entertained at Rachel’s animated reenactments (voices and acting included).
Rachel posted her thoughts on it right after the direct was over, but I have a few of my own. I didn’t think the direct was too bad… not the best, but it wasn’t too bad.
I believe the direct had many new, unexpected aspects to the game, aspects that made me raise an eyebrow and go, “Wtf?” Don’t get me wrong, I’m still optimistic about Ultimate, but I’m definitely interested in seeing how these new features will pan out.
Some new fighters were revealed — Ken, Incineroar, and… Piranha Plant (free for a limited time!).
Okay. They’re not bad. If we needed another brawler, I would have rather had Chun-Li from Street Fighter rather than Ken as another female fighter, but I won’t complain. Incineroar isn’t too bad, and I know Rachel is excited to see that Pokemon as a fighter. Piranha Plant was completely random but I think it’s a cute character… for a limited time.
Speaking of the characters, definitely not sure how I feel about the DLC. In today’s day and age of video games, DLC is normal, despite how much I am not a fan of it. I’d rather pay for the whole game at once rather than shelling out an extra thirty bucks or so for more content. On the other hand, Geno may be a DLC character, so of course we’re going to buy the fighters pass.
I totally went “Wtf?” at the adventure mode with the big bad force just Thanos-snapping all the fighters out of existence EXCEPT FOR KIRBY. I laughed at seeing the pink puffball avoid getting disintegrated (along with Rachel telling me, “Yeah, the whole chat was going, ‘RUN KIRBY RUN!’ and then cheering when he was shown to be alive.”). Kirby is to Smash Bros. Ultimate as Tony Stark is to Avengers 4, apparently.
Definitely went, “Wtf?” at seeing the evil clones (?) of the characters that we have to go save and hearing the theme song (it has lyrics!).
All in all, though, World of Light doesn’t look bad at all. It seems like a fun adventure mode, and I’m actually really excited to see all the different kind of video game characters that make cameos as spirits in the game! There were plenty of times that I was cooing over seeing characters that I completely forgot existed in the videos. I definitely found it amusing to see all the Pokemon — do you think they have every Pokemon in existence as spirits?
The online mode seems to have gotten a nice revamp from previous installments as well, and I like the measures Nintendo has taken to ensure that matches remain fair, both in rules and player strength. It’ll be great to actually test it out with some friends!

What did you think of the Nintendo Direct? Who do you think will be the five DLC characters?

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Readers Comments (7)

  1. OVERHYPED at the end of the day!

    • I think it was a bit overhyped as well. Nothing looks particularly bad, really, but they were such new stuff that I think I need to just try playing it myself at this point to form a good opinion.
      It’s kind of why I don’t enjoy seeing so many directs of new games. I want to play the game and discover stuff myself, you know? 🙂

      • I’m a bit pissed that the leak was saying a whole lot. “Geno, Shadow, Banjo-Kazooie.” It felt like a hoax to me after that. I feel there’s going to be no element of surprise with this. Just release the damn game already.

        • I think I saw that leak as well… Didn’t the leak mention Ken and Incineroar too? Maybe the other three will be part of the DLC packages?
          I dunno, I usually take leaks with a grain of salt, or I try to ignore them until I actually get the game or information from a definite source, like Nintendo. I just want the game to come out already, too. I miss the element of surprise we got before directs were a common thing.

          • Ken was the only one this leak got right. Incineroar wasn’t mentioned. Everyone was fooled. LOL 😆! But yeah the surprises I feel are a bit ruined. We’ll just have to play the game and see how it comes out. Maybe Geno can still make the cut by being DLC. You never know.

          • *crosses fingers* Geno is what I’m hoping for! Any certain character you’re hoping will make an appearance for DLC?

          • Banjo-Kazooie, Crash or Spyro. That’s who I’m hoping for. Let’s see what happens. I hear they have already been selected.

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