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In Japan, Nintendo has showcased the Yellow Joy-Con. This is something that was announced a little while ago, but now it’s a thing and it’s here in the flesh.
Nintendo Switch | Yellow Joy Con
When the Nintendo Switch was first announced, it had the gray Joy-Con. Cool, it matches the console and usually, the first editions are either black or white.
Then they showed the red and blue Joy-Con. My OCD acted up a bit because I thought to myself, why didn’t they have a set of blue and a set of red?
Then they decided to sell the Joy-Con either together or the left and right separately. So, if I want, I can go out and buy a right blue Joy-Con and a left red one. Then I’ll have three sets and just pretend the blue and red were always together.
I won’t, of course. I mean, not unless one happens to break. Which hopefully will never happen… but anyway…
I do like collecting things so if I ever win the lottery maybe I’ll buy the extra red and blue ones. But now they have yellow and while I don’t need a third set of Joy-Cons… I kind of want to get the yellow.
I want all the colors. Give me all the colors.
It’s bright, it’s looks good on the black console, and I can call our Switch a bumblebee.
The Joy-Con are so expensive so I won’t be getting the yellow set. However, this makes me wonder what other colors and designs they’ll make for the Joy-Con.
They created character-based remotes for the Wii as well as cool cover designs for the Wii U gamepad and the 3DS. If they’ve created a yellow Joy-Con, what other designs do they have in store?
Will they make a Zelda themed Joy-Con? Maybe Pokemon or Mario? Will they create a galaxy theme to go with the 3DS design?
The possibilities are endless and they’re all present. It just goes to show that Nintendo is constantly thinking of better ways to improve the console that everyone always loves to pieces.
And while the color of the Joy-Con seems like such a small thing, it’s just one more thing to add to your Switch that makes it yours and makes it a tad unique to everyone else’s console.

What do you think of the new color? Will you get it or are you hoping they’ll come out with another cool design? Let me know in the comments below!

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