Yoshi's Woolly World Review

Title: Yoshi’s Woolly World
Company: Nintendo, Good-Feel
Console: Nintendo Wii U
How we got the game: We bought it.

Our Review:

Holy sugar, this game is so cute! It’s seriously sweet enough to give you cavities! Yoshi was always one of the cutest characters in the Mario franchise, and this game just gives us throwback feels to the old-school Yoshi’s Story for the Nintendo 64 and Yoshi’s Island, originally for the Super Nintendo Entertainment system.

What can I say? I loved this game a lot more than I thought I would. I knew it would be a good game, but I didn’t realize how much it went back to its old Yoshi’s Story roots. The different kinds of Yoshis (not just different colors) were a nice touch. And, like Kris said, this game is just too cute to handle.

Seriously, it’s so frigging adorable. We haven’t exactly finished the game just yet at the time of this posting — we’re in the middle of World 4 out of the six worlds available. There are eight levels in each world. The main objective of each world, besides completing the course, is to seek out the five hidden Wonder Wools. After finding all five, the Wonder Wools combine to create a certain yarn Yoshi, such as Cookie Yoshi, Cinnamon Yoshi, Yogurt Yoshi… A lot of food-themed Yoshis, actually. The Yoshis were unraveled by Kamek at the beginning of the game, and I’m not entirely sure as to what Kamek’s motivation was…

Who cares about Kamek? She makes funny noises and that’s just about it. I think my favorite part of the game is seeing what kind of Yoshi we’re going to create next. There are some levels we find all five Wonder Wools in one go, but there are other levels that it took us a few times. We didn’t want to continue to the next level without saving the Yoshi.

The Yoshis must all be saved! Each level also has the five smiley flowers that we need to find, and we’re not doing so hot on that. Finding all 40 flowers in a given world grants us access to a special level within the world and another Yoshi. With that said, though, the game does have good replay value in my opinion, especially when you have someone to play co-op with. Even if we do a level a couple of times to grab all the Wonder Wools, it’s usually pretty entertaining when Rachel and I try to speed-run the level for the second or third time.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Let’s be honest here… We’re not that great at the game. I die all the time, our Yoshis are always bouncing on top of each other or eating each other by accident. Kris has bad aim when she throws her yarn balls and no matter where it goes or how far away it flies, it always manages to smack my Yoshi.

We’ve honestly never had such a strong urge to be able to stream a “Let’s Play” of a game before! We think our mistakes in a game full of colorful, yarn-spun dinosaurs would be very entertaining! All in all, we’re satisfied with the game. The story seems a little tacked on with Kamek swiping and unraveling the yarn Yoshis for whatever reason, but perhaps we’ll find that out as we get closer to the end of the game.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
There always has to be some sort of plot, though. Of course I haven’t been paying too much attention. I would totally buy and play a game all about Yoshi and the little shenanigans he gets into. This game is great and I don’t want it to end!

Yoshi’s Woolly World gets…
5 lives double jump5/5 Wonder Wools

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